How it Works

See how effortless it is to scale your personalized outreach with OneMob.

Press Record

Record your video from any device and easily edit within OneMob. With our teleprompter, you don't even have to memorize your pitch. Just press record.

Landing Pages

Nurture your relationships with prospects by creating a landing page with a playlist of videos and content about your product or service. Add CTAs to get them to take action.

Send Video Emails

Set up omnichannel email campaigns and break into decision makers' inbox by sending personalized videos. You are more than a boring text email. Time to stand out!

Just Press Record. No Coding Required.

The beauty of OneMob - there is no setup required. Selling is as easy as pressing record, speaking to your prospect, and sending the email to your prospect.

What Keeps Us Motivated!

"Using OneMob for over seven years at two different companies, I've seen numerous benefits. We've seen increased engagement in our sales and retention process due to OneMob being a part of the outreach. In general, we are getting more responses either way, which helps our team move on to the next lead or close down a sale."

— Courtney Rice (Vice President @ REVELxp)

Integrate in minutes

OneMob easily merges into your workflow. We integrate with major tools like Salesforce, MS Dynamic, Google Drive, Outreach, SalesLoft and more.

CRM Integration

Synchronize all your engagement with Salesforce or MS Dynamic

Content Integration

Import content directly from Google Drive, Box or Dropbox

Email Integration

Connect to Google or Office 365, or use inside Outlook, Outreach, SalesLoft, etc.

Calendar Integration

Book more meetings by adding your Calender to any OneMob microsite

Video Emails Improve Responses. Find Out for Yourself.

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